About Steffen Brothers Fly Rods

Steffen Brothers Fly Rods was founded in 1980 by Mark Steffen. Mark has a degree in Fisheries Biology from the University of Idaho and is actively involved in representing and promoting sports fishing stewardship. Mark is the primary rod designer and developer.

It all began in 1978 with one mandrel and a few pounds of 34 million modulus graphite. The original desire was to build a fly rod that was reasonably priced, strong and most importantly fun to fish. Two years later while still working out of his parent’s garage Mark developed the first 8 foot #5 weight that fit the bill.

Since that day we have built quite a variety of fly rods ranging from a 10 foot #4 graphite “noodle rod” to some rather stiff boron rods and some 57 million modulus graphite rods. Our personal favorite graphite designs were the softer, low 34 million modulus graphite rods and some longer, medium 42 million modulus graphite rods.

In 1993 Mark began experimenting with some of the available fiberglass on the market. Mark worked with woven and unidirectional E-glass and S-glass. The glass we currently use and believe is the best for the blanks we make is a modern version of S-Glass. These rods are light weight, unidirectional, 12 million modulus, with just enough epoxy resin to make the blanks both light and durable. The Fiberglass we have been using since 2003 is made for us to our specifications.

After fully appreciating the wonders of modern fiberglass we phased out the use of graphite, developed new patterns and mandrels and now only make fly rod blanks using fiberglass. We love how well they cast short, while still having the ability to cast far. Fiberglass also excels when it comes to roll casting, fish playing and tippet protection. We also think they are a lot of fun to fish with.

We believe “There’s nothing like a Steffen Brothers Fly Rod” but if you are not happy, we do offer a money back guarantee.

Steffen Brothers is still a family business, Mark and Tim personally hand roll all the blanks and build/finish the completed rods and Mark’s wife Barbara helps on the business end.

Thanks for your interest in Steffen Brothers!