From 1980 to the present we have built fly rod blanks using Internal Spigot ferrules. Most Steffen Brothers blanks are built in one piece on mandrels up to ten feet long.  Blanks are then cut into 2 or 3 pieces and then ferruled with Spigots.  Areas of the blank where spigots will be fitted are reinforced during blank lay-up with additional fiberglass, oriented 90 degrees to the linear “action” fibers in the blank. This reinforcing covers both the male and female sides of the ferrule joint.

We make our spigots with the same S-glass with which we make the blanks.  The spigots are made with the same taper as the blank for a perfect fit. Spigots are hollow, very light, and flexible, closely matching the flex of the rod. This enables us to make multi-piece rods with actions very similar to our two piece rods. Internal spigot ferrules also allow for a smooth uninterrupted blank taper from tip to butt.

When assembled spigot ferrules will have a gap of 1/8” to 1/4” between rod sections.  This prevents the sections from rubbing against each other and allows for future wear in cases of extreme use. Spigot ferrules do not need wax, but a light coat of hard wax can be used.  Wax should be removed after use to prevent the collection of dirt or sand.

Rod Components/Finish

The Chestnut color of our blanks comes from the color of the epoxy that is pre-impregnated into the material by the actual manufacturer of the fiberglass we use. Blanks are wrapped with plastic shrink tape then heated in an oven to cure the epoxy. Blanks are then removed from the oven, stripped of shrink tape and left with the natural “from the oven” finish. We do not sand or paint the blanks. We believe the natural “from the oven finish” is more durable and attractive.

  • Lemke brand reel seats
  • Cork slide band LC 14 reel seat (# 4/5 and lighter rods)
  • Wood spacer LC 1 (8’ # 5/6 and lighter rods)
  • Wood spacer LC 5 (8’6” # 5/6 and heavier) – appearance of LC 5 is the same as the LC 1 but with a larger diameter
  • All metal LC 10 reel seat available on the 8’6” # 6/7
  • Snake Brand double foot Universal Snake Guides with ECOoating
  • Ceramic stripping guide
  • Hook-keepers are available upon request at no additional charge
  • Fighting butt is available for 8’6” # 6/7 upon request at no additional charge
  • Guides wrapped with candy apple red thread, epoxy finish
  • All rods have hand written white ink labels indicating line weight, rod length, material type and serial number
  • Aluminum tube and flannel rod bag come with all finished rods